Learning is in our DNA and making learning enjoyable is our specialty. If you are looking to pursue a short-term course in Bangkok and are up for a learning experience that goes beyond the classroom, is enjoyable, worthwhile, and true value for your money, you can count on us.

We believe in keeping a focused, student-centric approach. Therefore, our average class size ranges from 2 to 20 students.

We offer a wide array of IT and Management courses with the capability to be customized to suit your learning needs. Our ever-growing Course Catalog is built on the evolving learning needs of our customers. Listed below are some of our popular courses.

Management Courses:

  • Finance & Accounting Course
  • Project Financial Management Course
  • Project Management Course
  • Office Management Course
  • Human Resource Management Course

IT Courses:

  • Ethical Hacking Course
  • Cisco Courses (CCENT, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE) Course
  • Microsoft Courses (C
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL

Soft Skills Courses:

  • Effective Communications Course

Other Courses:

  • Health


We understand that every leaner has his or her own learning pace. All our courses can be delivered in two formats based on your requirements.

Two-Week Course (Standard Track)

The Standard Format is suitable for participants who are interested in learning the application of concepts. This format is very popular with our students as it provides an ambiance and space for a learner to grasp concepts with ease. The course material is covered in detail. Class room learning is supplemented through experiential learning exercises and learning is essentially collaborative. Some of our include: field trips, role play, and group discussions.

One-Week Course (Fast Track)

The Fast Track Format is suitable for participants who are short on time. In keeping with the limited available time, the trainer focuses on covering essential topics only, thereby facilitating quicker learning of core concepts.


We promote learning with friends and colleagues to make your learning experience more enjoyable and effective. Therefore, we encourage you to bring along your friends and colleagues to enjoy a rich learning experience.

Enroll for a course in groups to enjoy these attractive Group Discounts.

  • 3 to 4 participants – 5% discount
  • 5 to 9 participants – 10% discount
  • 10 or more participants – 15% discount

Note: Group discounts are applicable to students enrolling in a course conducted by on the same date and venue. The discounts are not transferable or shareable across courses / locations / dates.